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Caring for each other


We are blessed at St Pauls to have a community who wishes to serve! many volunteers take Holy Communion to people who are temporarily or permanently unable to attend Worship. If you would like to receive Holy Communion at home please contact the church office at office@stpaulstoledo.org


1 Peter 3

Christians are a people of hope. That can look strange in a world that never seems to get it right, where injustice and division seem so universal, and where death seems to rule. Even stranger, our hope ultimate hope is not for a perfect justice system, or a way to escape the difficulties, but simply in Jesus Christ. He is the answer to the hope that is with in us, strange as that may sound.

The Gospel is Good News

Good news is shared. When you have something good to share you don't wait for an opportunity, or try to sneak it in to conversation somewhere. Instead, you tell everyone you meet - whether they are happy for you, or even if they believe you. This is what witnessing is for St. Paul's. it is simply sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the world.