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Sharing what we have with the Community

We serve the people in our community for one very simple reason:

God has served us, had mercy on us, and has given us gifts for life before we ever deserved them. With this in mind, we serve people not to get something in return from them - such as attendance at Bible study, or a favor in return down the road - but to give them the gifts which God has already given us.

Make no mistake, we want people to come to faith in Jesus. Service however, is caring for people's needs in the world and having mercy even if for those who never come to believe that it is God being merciful and caring to them.

Other service opportunities include partnerships with Feed Your Neighbor, The Giving Store, St. Paul's Community Center, and Operation Christmas Child.  Our WELCA circles also engage in service projects on a frequent basis.  Additionally, members of our congregation knit and collect hats, scarves, and gloves year-round to give out to local schoolchildren when the weather gets cold.  These opportunities and more are regularly listed in our News & Events section.

Who is My Neighbor?

Jesus was asked this question in Luke 10, and in response we get the parable of the Good Samaritan. We use the term neighbor as a friendly way of referring to those around us, whether or not they live next door or belong to our club.